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Editorial Archive

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“The Ecstasy of Mary Shelley"
It is less the author and her classic story "Frankenstein" and more the topic of transmutation that the paradox of mutated existence that draws the artists featured in "The Ecstasy of Mary Shelley" together. More...

“Poetic Minimalism”
If you think of minimalist art as hard and austere, "Poetic Minimalism" challenges the stereotype and will change your impression. More...

Critique Week!
James Yood takes us inside the single most intense experience that any would-be artist is likely to experience: the crit. Yood muses over the evolving emphasis on professionalism that has displaced the process of aesthetic vetting to a troubling degree. More...

Joyce Pensato
The basis for Joyce Pensato's intense paintings for over 40 years is classic cartoon characters, which she pushes to the verge of collapse. More...

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