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“Video Art in Latin America”
LAXART, Hollywood, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Jose Alejandro Restrepo, "Musa paradisiaca," 1996/2017, mixed media, dimensions vary

Continuing through December 16, 2017

"Video Art in Latin America," organized by Glenn Phillips and Elena Shtromberg presents a wide range of video from the late 1970s to the present including two installations. Jose Alejandro Restrepo's "Musa paradisiaca" (1996/2017) suspends bunches of bananas from the ceiling juxtaposed with archival footage of violence incurred by banana pickers on plantations. Over the course of the show the bananas rot, eventually falling to the ground and infusing the entire space with their sickly sweet fragrance. Also sharing the main gallery is the second installation, "Yano-a” (2015) by Gisela Motta, Leandro Lima and Claudia Andujar. Andujar's 1976 black and white image of a burning hut is projected through a red filter and augmented with animated flames.

Arranged by six themes, works by known as well as unfamiliar (at least in the U.S.) artists are shown both as projections and on monitors. The themes include: The Organic Line, Borders and Migrations, States of Crisis, Memory and Forgetting, Economies of Labor and Defiant Bodies. To take in the entire program requires hours of viewing, so it is advisable to plan multiple short visits during the shows duration.

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