Los Angeles, Mash Gallery presents LUSTER by Santa Monica artist Haleh Mashian, a new contemporary collection of contemporary work showcasing non-traditional impasto techniques.

Haleh Mashian follows up her 2019 figural collection, Figurine, with LUSTER, and shares, “LUSTER represents abundance, joy, and the poetry of nature. I added three-dimensional qualities where you might lose yourself in the composition. I wanted the viewer to have the opportunity to explore each piece, much like a Zen moment you may have experienced while taking a walk into the forest appreciating all of her gifts.”

Guests of LUSTER at Mash Gallery, located in the heart of the Los Angeles arts district, will be immersed into an exhibition representing the varied moods of the forest. Haleh’s new collection of work roams in compliment with the bustle of the forest. Each canvas presents thick applications of color, pigment and jeweled surface materials.

LUSTER is an artistic journey spontaneously uncovering expressions of abstraction. Haleh Mashian composes her collection over a series of quick actions. Moving around each painting, she applies a variety of dimensional elements onto each surface. Her final compositions hold secrets embellished within thick applications of glitter, gold, and silver. Each painting contributes to Haleh’s style of lyric poetry celebrating the mysteries of the forest.

Writer, poet and active contemporary art contributor Peter Frank is an art critic and curator born in New York and living in Los Angeles. Currently, he is the associate editor of Fabrik magazine and recently contributed, HALEH MASHIAN: SEEING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES, his new essay for LUSTER.

“These paintings are sly and alluring in their refusal to be simple or straightforward… They reaffirm the Impressionists’ and abstractionists’ claim — demonstration, really — that what you see is what you see, it just happens not to be what you’re looking at.” — Peter Frank, May 2019

Mash Gallery presents LUSTER by Haleh Mashian and curated by Peter Frank on June 29th through August 10th. An artist reception will take place on Saturday, July 13 from 7 PM to 10 PM. Free event. Street parking available.