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October 5, 2014 - December 5, 2014
Paraprosdokians and Rubber Chickens
Bruce Conkle, Jonathan Gitelson, Jamie Isenstein, Matt Jacobs, Alicia McDaid, Ralph Pugay, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Jordan Rathus, Ben Sanders, Patrick Rock, Lindsey White


Ann Hamilton
University of Washington Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Review by Matthew Kangas

Past Editorial

Ann Hamilton
Luis González Palma
Sayre Gomez
Randy Colosky
Bathos in Sex and Art
Alison Saar
HJ Bott
Eros & Thanatos at Zane Bennett Contemporary
Really: What IS an Art Fair?
Richard Misrach and Kate Orff
Rough and Ready
Dave Lefner
Paul Burlin
Really: What IS an Art Fair?
Wendy Given
Judith Kruger
Jason Middlebrook
Paul Metivier
Giuseppe Penone
“Intimate Horizons”
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
It May Be Easy … But Choose Wisely
Bludgeoned by Beauty
David Johns 
Sherrie Wolf
Melanie Willhide and Klea McKenna
Valley Vista: Art in the San Fernando Valley ca. 1970 – 1990
Ruth Asawa
John Santoro
Abbey Messmer and Ann Morton
Remembering China (Part 2)
Dario Robleto
Margaret Wharton
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Pepe Mar
Bruce Richards
Bludgeoned by Beauty
Evan Blackwell
Florence Miller Pierce
Honor the Wanderjahre
Rob and Nick Carter
Roberto Fabelo
A Match Made in Council Chambers
John Armstrong, Brent Bond and Jacob Meders
Hiroshi Yamano 
Honor the Wanderjahre
Larry Kornegay and Bill Timmerman
David Geiser
May Sun
Ron Weil and William Schwob
For Whom I Write
Remembering China (Part 1)
Lucy + Jorge Orta
Jeremy Thomas
Heirlooms from the F. Scott Hess Family Foundation
Houghton Hall
"Made in L.A."
Klingbiel and Somers
A Tale of Two Art Sites
For Whom I Write
Alan Sekula
Bill Braun
Ilona Pachler
James Ensor
The New Interactivity
The Magic Circle of Profound Enchantment
A Tale of Two Art Sites
Christopher Benson
Abigail McLaurin
Auguste Rodin
Ross Palmer Beecher
Yoshitomo Saito
The New Interactivity
"Measurable Inconsistencies"
“Temporal Domain”
John Altoon
Political Art Month in San Antonio
George Grochocki and Shayne Murphy
Miller & Shellabarger
The Magic Circle of Profound Enchantment
John Gossage
Nancy Popp
Josef Koudelka
“Irish Glass: Tradition in Transition”
David Hockney
Jerry Uelsmann
Political Art Month in San Antonio
Sullied by Celebrity
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Josef Hoflenhner
Matthew Rolston
Marc Dombrosky
Terrell James 
Rex Brandt
"Parallel Myths"
Fred Martin and Friends in the Fifties
Sullied by Celebrity
Will Santa Monica Destroy Bergamot in Order to Save It?
Eric Fischl
Guide for the Art-Perplexed
Luke Armitstead 
Dan Attoe
Modernism in the Northwest
"Surface to Air”
A Real Whodunit
Will Santa Monica Destroy Bergamot in Order to Save It?
“Vanishing Points"
Shan Goshorn
June Wayne
Sean Healy
Things People Don’t Talk About At Art Openings
McArthur Binion
Bill Owens
A Real Whodunit
Ed Moses and Larry Poons
Jay Giroux
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
The Second Triptych
Yuko Someya
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Sara Rockinger
Rose Cabat
Things People Don’t Talk About At Art Openings
Jaime Scholnick
Zack Wirsum
Emily Mason
Defining the Critic
Pareja & Chavez-The Mission Gallery
Douglas Cooper
Michal Rovner
The Second Triptych
Melinda Stickney-Gibson
Gugger Petter
Season of the Double Rainbows
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Koji Takei
Hayley Barker
Defining the Critic
The Sarkisians
Janet Lippincott
Q and A
Tim Ebner
William H. Johnson
Spring Salons in Seattle
John Singer Sargent
Sarah Knobel
“The Armory Show”
"Nur: Light"
Ben Murray 
Q and A
Shepard Fairey
Manuel Neri
Sam Francis, New York, and Outsiders Looking In
Eleanor Antin
Chris Engman
“The Armory Show”
Mary Lou Zelazny
Pablo Helguera
A Curatorial Triptych
Eric Kasper
Debra Baxter
Sam Francis, New York, and Outsiders Looking In
Sultan and Mandel
Isabelle Cornaro and Matt Sheridan Smith
The Smell of Paint
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Roberto Gil de Montes
Martin Facey
“Global Voices, Diverse Narratives:  One Medium, Video”
Margaret Ponce Israel
A Curatorial Triptych
Shane McAdams
Keith Carter
Mother of Northwest Art
Mike Kelley
Daniela Edburg
The Smell of Paint
Paul Nudd
William Ivey
Thank you for helping MCLA restore John Wehrle’s “Galileo” mural
Help MCLA restore Wehrle’s “Galileo”
What is an Art Critic?
Mother of Northwest Art
Mike Rea
Suzanne Anker
Jerome and Joel-Peter Witkin
Kathryn Arnold
A Lad's Disdain
Ryan Reggiani
Darrel Morris
What is an Art Critic?
Mitchell Albala and John McCormick
Ray Eames
Why Paint?
Uno Noger and Carlson Hatton
Camille Patha
Kara Walker
Bruce Conner and Gay Outlaw
Julianne Swartz and Ken Landauer
A Lad's Disdain
Vivan Sundaram
Zoe Dusanne
Inappropriate Behavior
"Reimagining the Contemporary Landscape"
Alan Cohen
Why Paint?
Michael Madzo
Rory Devine
Does Art Criticism Matter Any More?
Opportunity or Corruption?
“Abstraction and the Once-Silenced Shout”
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Lilli Carré
Inappropriate Behavior
"Self(ie) Portraits"
"Surface Tension"
Joao Ruas
Jane Lindsay
Frank E. Cummings III
Zoe Dusanne
Fernando Casas
Nick Albertson
Andrew Hayes
“Abstraction and the Once-Silenced Shout”
Heather Mekkelson
Cable Griffith
Kent Twitchell
Delair Shaker
Miyoshi Barosh
Alice Aycock
"All Art Was Once Contemporary"
Faith Wilding
Freddy Chandra
"Unveiled: Nudes"
Opportunity or Corruption?
Andrea Bowers
Phil Stern
Daniel Healey
Fred Tomaselli
Leon Kossoff
Kelly Moran
Patrick McGrath Muñiz
Kaori Takamura
James Martin
Does Art Criticism Matter Any More?
David Adey
Bloomfield & Churchill
Gabrielle Garland
"Latin American Group Show"
"Renaissance to Goya"
Wayne Thiebaud
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Karen Carson
Colin Cochran
Christa Assad
Canterbury & St. Albans
Ellen Tanner
The Capital of Art
Norman Kelley
Gisela Colon
Carson Fisk-Vittori
Beth Secor 
Stephen Beal
Dale Chihuly 
Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman
To Fee or Not to Fee
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Anne Appleby
Fernando Pareja and Leidy Chavez
Norton Wisdom
"Flesh and Metal"
“Face to Face”
Paul Sietsema
Liliana Porter
Reflections on Collecting
Brian Wills
Anne Hirondelle
David Rudolph
Susan kae Grant
Margaret Lazzari
Sam Francis
Danto's Divine Comedy
Lucinda Parker
Leon Gaspard
"Tapping the Third Realm"
Julianne Swartz
Bicycling Fish
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Without Fear or Favor
Abelardo Morrell
Contemporary Northwest Art
Wary of the Spiritual
William Catling
Leo Vroegindeweij
Without Fear or Favor
Modernist Siblings
Dannielle Tegeder
Jim Riswold
Jordi Alcaraz
Ed Mieczkowski
Reflection on a Glial Cell
Modernist Siblings
Eric Nash
Lynn Aldrich
Michael T. Hensley
Meow Wolf
Reflection on a Glial Cell
William Lane
Ben Butler
Roxy Paine
Mark Hagen
Steven Hull
if you cut it, they will come
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
Sean Deckert
Dawoud Bey
George Herms
David Kroll
A Tale of 3 and 7
Joseph Kohnke
Stas Orlovski
Kai & Sunny
Michael Crowder
Franklyn Liegel
''Links: Australian Glass''
Stefan Kürten
Arnold Helbling
Amanda Joseph
Katherine Lee
Eric Pedersen
Franklyn Liegel
Odilon Redon
Joe Willie Smith
Revisiting the Ultimate Issue
Feibleman / Emmert
Olga de Amaral
Stefan Sagmeister
Irene Olivieri
Beatriz da Costa
Isaac Layman
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Podoll / Bunga
From Above
Michael Ottersen
Asian American Portraits of Encounter
Deaccession in the Civic Context
Shaw / Graves
Bill Braun
Louisa McElwain
A Mural Ordinance for Los Angeles
Sabino Osuna
Hassel Smith
''Journey Forth''
Barbara Sternberger
Donald Bradford
California-Pacific Triennial
Good Bad and Bad Bad
Yvonne Venegas
Mark Dell’Isola
''Rogue Wave''
''Morris Graves: Selected Letters''
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Is There a Crisis in Art Criticism?
Daniel Bennett
Anderson & Low
Katharina Grosse
Biennale Fever
Antonia Wright
Covington Jordan
''Six Rising Stars''
Andrea Heimer
Creativity & the Flow, Pt 2
Daniel Bauer
Libby J. Masterson
Michael Jang
Former LACM Wachs' Star Hasn't Waned
Polly Barton/Alison Keogh
Nan Goldin
Isamu Noguchi
David Maisel
Virtual Reality Art
Jasmine Justice
Clarissa Tossin
James Turrell
Two Weeks in L.A.
Fernando de Szyszlo
Gems of the Medici
Forrest Bess
Marco Petrus
Manuel Mendive
Eirik Johnson
Creative Expropriation
Aristotle Georgiades
Channa Horwitz
Annie Lopez
Creativity & the Flow
Wayne Higby
Marcelyn McNeil
Takashi Murakami
Urs Fischer
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Brutal Treatment of a Brutalist Building
Shai Kremer
Diane Arbus
Phyllis Bramson
Nancy Youdelman
Christopher Badger
Soo Sunny Park
Alexis Smith
David Byrd
Christopher Taggart
Darren Waterston
Sarah Williams
Deb Sokolow
Nancy Jackson
Capitalism and its Discontents
Wesley Younie
Frieke Janssens
Inner Journeys, Outer Vision
Arturo Mallman
Kehinde Wiley
Ahmed Alsoudani
Is Anybody There?
Stephen Beal
''Big Pictures''
Geoff Hippenstiel
''State of Mind'' / Linda Mary Montano / Mungo Thomson
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Second Take(Over)
Alex Steckly
Stanley Casselman
Beth Secor
''Picasso and Chicago''
Where Art and Money are Well Met
Taryn Simon
Shane Guffogg
John Thomson
The Bottom Line About the Bottom Line
Eric Fischl
Robert Burnier
Driss Ouadahi
Llyn Foulkes
What's it All About?
Pedro Farias-Nardi
Order, Chaos and the Space Between
Richard Jackson
Art Beyond Earth's Gravity
John Albok
Sid Avery
Cathy Daley
Goshka Macuga
Art Bizarro Worlds
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Jeff Koons
Catherine Wagner
William Bailey
Jonathan Wateridge
Art Between the Poles
Ronald Davis
Ynez Johnston
R.H. Quaytman
The Triumph of Feminism: Seattle’s Art History
The Sandy Hook Aesthetic
Critiquing Ourselves
On the Other Side of the Crevasse
Chris Fraser
Alan Bur Johnson
Miriam Wosk
Alfredo De Stefano
Josef Albers
Homeboy Industries
Ann Gale
James Krone
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
"End of the World"
"DataViz: Information as Art"
Nayland Blake
Marcus Jansen
"Facing West/Looking East"
Letters from L.A.
Russell and Romano
Ai WeiWei
Justin Cooper
Jim Gaylord
Swallow and Vance
Stephen Strom
Christina Hale
Chester Arnold
Rogelio Manzo
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Renee Lotenero
Héctor Zamora
David Kapp
Luis Gispert
Liam Everett
Mark Baugh-Sasaki
Debra Barrera
Steve McQueen
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Asay and Davis
William Eggleston
Ken Price
Jessica Drenk
Philip Buller
Kenneth Noland
''When I'm Sixty-Four''
Andrea Modica
Lutz Bacher
Victor Maldonado
Friedrich Kunath
Don Voisine
Catherine Opie
John Opera
Ant Farm
Tony de los Reyes
Frances Lerner
Clare Rojas
Cosgrove and Costache
Antonio Muniz
Elise Wagner
Masami Teraoka
Raymond Saunders
Sewell Sillman
Nic Nicosia
Jenny Holzer
Anne Lindberg
Laura Paulini
Charles Gaines
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Storm Tharp
Matt Lipps
Tony Bevan
Gary Stephan
Barry McGee
Lezley Saar
Clarence Hinkle
Gustave Klimt
“Escape from the Landfill”
Anna Fidler
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon
Federico Solmi
Lucian Freud
Roberto Cortazar
Jed Berk and Oliver McIrwin
Charles Linder
Gregg Renfrow
Jack Goldstein
Peter Sarkisian
Seymour Rosofsky
George Grosz
David Shrigley
Lou Beach
Woody Gwyn
James Turrell
Christel Dillbohner
Maxwell Hendler
Pop Noir
Land Art to 1974
Misako Inaoka
Japan’s Textile Pioneers
Matthew Sontheimer
Dashiell Manley
Mel George
Charles Ross
John Valadez
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Critic's Picks: Denver
Critic's Picks: Denver
Misha Gordin
Lisa Gronseth
Lucien Clergue
Kerry James Marshall
''Pop Noir''
''Wilderness Mind''
John Valadez
Made In L.A. 2012
Damien Hirst
14,000 Years of Art
John-Paul Philippe
Gary Hill
''Made in L.A. 2012''
Patrick Wilson
''City Zoo''
Joan Watts
Gina Han
Gay Block
Lee Friedlander
From Moscow with Love
Infinite Possibilities of Origami
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
The Chicago Attitude
John Chiara
Adam McEwen
Peter Selz: Sketches of a Life in Art
Irene Kung
Masako Miki
Anthony Velasquez
Erick Swenson
Nina Katchadourian
Eirik Johnson
Theophilus Brown
Mitchell Marti
Kim MacConnel
Barer / Hsu
Lisa / Fernandez
Alwyn O'Brien
Alina Szapocznikow
Guirguis / Hagler
James Smolleck
''The Art of Mono-ha''
Frederick Hammersley
Frank Lloyd Wright
"Clay's Tectonic Shift"
The Boneyard Project
''Breaking in Two''
Paul Gauguin
Mark Rothko
John M. White
Isaac Julien
Fred Wilson
Richard Diebenkorn
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Editor's Note
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Kent Twitchell
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Hans Burkhardt
Creating 'The Great Picture'
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
The Wright View of Color Field
test article
Charging RiNo
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Pacific Northwest Contemporary Glass
John Frame: Three Fragments of a Lost Tale
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
A Lens on the Land
ArtScene Visual Radio Presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
On Strike from the Huffington Post
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
David Wojnarowicz, “Fire in My Belly”
MOCA whitewashes BLU mural
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Roland Reiss
Bas Jan Ader, 'I'm too sad to tell you'
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Zer01 Festival

ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Jim Marshall
Nellie King Solomon
Denver Arts
Dennis Hopper
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Stephen Sollins: 'New Thoughts'
Stuart Arends
Without Reservation
Ian Everard
The Green Museum
Gregory Euclide
'Eden is Burning'
'Idea as Art'
March, 2010 Virtual Museum
Karen Woods, 'Inside Looking Out'
Mark Bradford
Homare Ikeda, 'Voicers'
February, 2010 Virtual Museum
Lauren DiCioccio
William Powhida, 'No One Here Gets Out Alive'
Alyssa Monks, 'Steam'
University Galleries-Part II
'Surviving the Tough Times'
Leo Saul Berk, 'Deep Dark'
Asako Narahasi, 'Coming Closer and Getting Further Away'
'Death of a Propane Salesman: Anxiety and the Texas Artist'
Ruth Pastine
Owen Smith
January, 2010: Haiti Relief
University Galleries- Part I
Focus on Denver
12 Western Presses
James W. Washington, Jr.
Jim Riswold, 'Art People and a Cow'
December, 2009 Virtual Museum
Book Art Unbound
Stephanie Wilde, 'Harmed'
Bella Feldman and JP Long, 'Dialogue'
Laura Ross-Paul
Hadley Holliday, 'Paintings'
Jonathan Saiz, 'Industry'
Mark Calderon, 'Dominion'
Crystal Liu, 'Give Us Our Dream: Part One'
Kelsey Brookes
The Black Album
Heather Brown
Jill Foley, 'The Mountain'
Merion Estes, 'Lost Horizons'
Bradd Skubinna
John Baldessari, 'A Print Retrospective'
Hyesook Park
Embracing Denver
Sherrie Wolf, 'Counterpoint: New Paintings'
Betty Gold, 'Color'form'
Catherine Green
Suhas Bhujbal, 'Reincarnation'
Roy Dowell
Virtual Museum, November, 2009b
Virtual Museum, October, 2009b
Virtual Museum, October, 2009a
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Henry Hopkins Dead at 81
Merrill Wagner
Greg Miller: Recent Work
Nick Cave
Sandow Birk
Phil Joanou
Virtual Museum, August, 2009
Patti Oleon
'Rebels Without a Cause'
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
'L.A. Noir'
'Neighbors: 17 Santa Barbara Artists in Ventura'
Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain
Blurring the Lines
Monique van Genderen
Frank Ryan
Welcome Back to Visual Art Source
Oakland / Berkeley
Carrie Yury
July, 2009 Virtual Museum
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
La Biennale di Veneza
Frederick Hammersley Remembered
Will New Media Ever Serve Its Fifty-Day Suspension?
ArtScene Visual Radio presents
Ben Jackel
June, 2009 Virtual Museum
Hammer Museum
San Francisco
L.A. Abstraction
L.A. Chinatown
Culver City
Victoria Haven
100 Years of PNCA
Urban Gardeners
Squeak Carnwath
Moira Hahn
Alex Couwenberg
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