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Edward Cella, Director

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-6pm; & by appointment.

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May 11, 2019 - June 22, 2019
This exhibition follows Schmeltz's recent inclusion in the "Joshua Treenial", an installation at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, a summer residency at Scuola Internazionale de Grafica Venezia in Venice, Italy.
May 11, 2019 - June 22, 2019
Carter’s artistic narrative is a personal and spiritual quest for beauty where she aims to build a transcendent environment through a wide range of expression and technical abilities.
June 29, 2019 - August 3, 2019
Vernacular Environments, Part 3
Edward Cella Art & Architecture presents "Vernacular Environments, Part 3", the third of an annual exhibition that explores a diversity of tensions between environments and asks, what pluralities do we live in?


Edward Cella Art & Architecture is committed to supporting and representing significant established, mid-career and emerging artists, architects, and designers. The gallery exhibits photography, painting, sculpture, architectural drawings, models, and design objects with an emphasis on the intersection of these disciplines.

Building on his background as an architectural historian, with over a decade of experience in art advisory and collection management, Edward Cella founded Edward Cella Art & Architecture in 2006. A collector of architectural drawings and ephemera, erotica and contemporary art, Edward Cella has cultivated a passion for interdisciplinary approaches to visual culture. Since its inception, the gallery has sustained a curatorial emphasis on conceptual and material based practices, and has supported under-recognized historical estates and collections.


Stephen, Berens, Adam Berg, Ryan Callis, Kendell Carter, Sara Carter, Laurie Frick, Michelle Grabner, Rema Ghuloum, David Horvitz, Jun Kaneko, Manny Krakowski, George Legrady, John Mason, Brad Miller, Robert Minervini, Jill Moser, Patti Oleon, Ruth Pastine, the Estate of Pedro E. Guerrero, Alex Schweder, Alex Slade, Aili Schmeltz, Michael St. John, Chris Trueman, Jeffrey Vallance, Amir Zaki.



Patti Oleon
Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Culver City, California
Preview by Michael Shaw
Patti Oleon paints architecture with care, and with the maximum degree of disorientation in which ceiling can

Past Editorial

Patti Oleon
Lawrence Halprin
“Vernacular Environments, Part 1”
Kendell Carter
Pedro E. Guerrero
Jeffrey Vallance
Jun Kaneko
Lynn Aldrich
Maura Bendett
Claire Baker
Cathy Daley
''Death and Life of an Object''
'Some City Angels'
Deborah Aschheim
Mark Harrington
Mary Heebner


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