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Davidson Galleries

313 Occidental Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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Phone: (206) 624-7684
Fax: (206) 624-4588

Sam Davidson Owner/Director

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5:30pm.

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Davidson Galleries (Since 1973) is widely regarded as one of the premiere venues for original prints and works on paper in the Pacific Northwest. Two departments are devoted to original prints and works on paper: The Contemporary Print & Drawing Center, which offers full portfolios by forty print artists and representative works by more than sixty additional artists, and the Antique Print Department which maintains an extensive and diverse collection of original engravings, woodcuts, etchings, and lithographs dating from the 15th to 21st centuries.


“Pick Your Poison”
Davidson Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Review by Matthew Kangas
"Pick Your Poison" offers a thumbnail review of the last five centuries of protest, dissidence, satire and pro

Past Editorial

“Pick Your Poison”
Jacob Lawrence
Douglas Cooper
Ben Butler
John Grade
Philippe Mohlitz


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