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“Dream States”
Vivo Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
Recommendation by Michael Abatemarco

Russell Thurston, ''Pipeline,'' encaustic, roofing tar and collage on rage paper, 50 x 39''.

Continuing through February 27, 2012
Although 11 different artists participated in “Dream States,” each visually interpreting their own personal unconscious, there is a surprising commonality among many of the pieces. Russell Thurston’s meticulously crafted encaustic “Pipeline” pairs well with Patricia Pearce’s dark, mechanistic assemblage “The Factory.” Both suggest the inner workings of an internal machine, perhaps referencing the human subconscious. Thurston’s painting reveals subterranean depths in a conflation of surreal imagery: the organic and the inorganic.

Jane Rosemount’s “Unlikely Landscape” series, archival pigment prints that look like photographs of interstellar space and glacial vistas, elicit a subjective response; each is shot in extreme close-up, obscuring the actual subject. Her work shares with others in the show an unnerving juxtaposition of outer and inner space, macro- and microcosm. Striking a different note is Mary Parkes’ “Bug Fantasy,” a psychedelic rendering of a mantis whose eyes betray a powerful, but not unkind, intelligence. Like Thurston’s encaustics, Parkes’ work is full of vibrant detail.

Vivo Contemporary

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