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South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, California
Recommendation by Genie Davis

Monica Wyatt, "San Andreas 3," 2016, found materials

Continuing through June 28, 2016

A wide range of three-dimensional urban landscapes comprise “Skyline,” a powerful group show entirely mounted on a 7-inch shelf that traverses the walls of the exhibit space, creating one continuous, if diverse, urban silhouette. Curated by Ben Zask, 38 participating artists contribute sculptural pieces to fit the shelf space, with most of the works made from mixed media and found material. Some pieces are poetic and fluid, as with Cie Gumucio’s “The Skyscraper that Dreamed of Being a Tree.” The work features a branched tree image and a mesh skyscraper bent to emulate it. “It’s about the power of longing,” Gumucio says. Elsewhere in the installation, Gumucio has crafted a whimsical diorama, “If Ever a Wiz There Wuz,” presenting the story of the Wizard of Oz with found materials such as an Emerald City whose spires are created from the broken shards of a street lamp.

Wood sculptures by Monica Wyatt, such as “San Andreas 3” and “San Andreas 2” use shape and form to convey what could be an urban disaster. Their positioning contrasts with David Lovejoy’s “You said to meet on the Bridge,” a more representational work that offers a look at balance and nuance, an elaborate bridge constructed from salvaged wood and piano parts. Other standouts include Anne Weber’s “Portal,” an entrance into an unknown world crafted from found cardboard and polyurethane. June Diamond’s untitled ethereal, jewel-like metal and recycled glass pieces glow in vivid blues and greens. The artist says she dreamed the images she created. Dream or reality, “Skyline” is a landscape to be savored.

Published Courtesy of ArtSceneCal ©2016

South Los Angeles Contemporary, SoLA

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