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Lisa Lapinski
Kristina Kite Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Michael Shaw

Lisa Lapinski, “Little My Chair,” 2017, painted wood

Continuing through November 4, 2017

Presented as one all-inclusive installation, dubbed "Holly Hobby Lobby,” Lisa Lapinski's congregation of wall and floor sculptures comes off as an austere pairing with the substantial, high-ceilinged space of its environs, a former bank with black-and-white checkered flooring. A Shaker-style peg board of wide ovals runs around the gallery at just-above head high, left unpegged save for the headless “Little My Chair.” This piece of furniture is a bit too odd (and hand-made) to have been mass-produced, with its carefully painted chair-back made up of a little girl, Little My in red. Where the Moomin troll character's missing face should be is where the oval peg protrudes. Her black shoes are affixed to the chair’s front legs. The checkered floor includes a series of white grid sculptures mounted with mysterious craft-style wooden objects: splayed scissors and in one case what could be a child’s bicycle. Elsewhere, a latticed cane pattern covers a neon rainbow high up the wall, and then that same lattice goes horizontal to become a craftily elaborate hanging archway. While the political heat associated with the Hobby Lobby reference of the title is nowhere near present, the show nonetheless is an impressive exercise in restraint.

Kristina Kite Gallery

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