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Denis Darzacq
at Kopeikin Gallery, West Hollywood, California
Recommendation by Michael Shaw

Denis Darzacq, from the “Hyper” series, color photograph

“Hyper,” the title of Denis Darzacq’s most recent suite of photographs, features a mélange of young men and women floating and/or careening in the aisles of Parisian-area hypermarchés. One wouldn’t be off, however, if you were to interpret the figures as spazzing out – literally being hyper – amidst the onslaught of consumer products. Selections from an earlier body of work - the series “La Chute” - is also included. In this suite, young men are caught mid-flight out in the streets, bearing a strong association to Parkour, the gymnastics-cum-urban-obstacle-course sport best known and practiced in France. In fact, in both series the subjects are street dancers.

The elegance with which Darzacq captures the subjects mid-float, as if falling to the supermarket floor, or flying through its aisles, offsets the cloying pastel palette of objects of consumer desire. To whatever extent “Hyper” is a comment on the insignificance of working-class banlieue immigrant communities in the face of Paris’ unforgiving and unrelenting consumerist society, the balletic freeze-frames of the dancers is a more-than-worthy formal feat in itself.

Kopeikin Gallery

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