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Ansen Seale
at HCG Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by Patricia Mora

Ansen Seale, ''Vortex no. 6,'' UV-cured digital print on acrylic, LED backlight, 48'' diameter.

Ansen Seale deploys slitscan photography to show us the world as it unfolds over time. “River of Light” offers up linear colored striations that are vivid, lovely and quite “luminous” indeed. “Vortex” consists of backlit concentric rings, primarily aqua and bluish in color. It’s a smeared text of vivid smoothness that functions as something of a contemporary mandala.
Objects that seem to be still are captured over extended periods to show us what the artist claims is “a hidden reality.” Seale’s work flashes with frenetic tension and attenuated vibratory movement. One suspects he’s showing us the sort of elegance that fascinates string theorists. Physics or no, this is art with a decidedly beautiful and refractory slant. It shows us the world as if it was brand spanking new and we’ve been privileged to access its infectious, ancillary joy. This is a vivid and shimmering body of work. “Luminous Flux” constitutes some of the best gallery fare of the season.

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

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