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Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art

1210 Second Avenue
Washington Mutual Tower
Seattle, WA 98101

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Phone: (206) 628-9501
Fax: (206) 628-9502

Jonathan Wood

Monday - Saturday, 11am-6pm; & by appointment.


Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art is located in downtown Seattle and specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture.

While Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art was founded in 2012, the history of the gallery in this location actually dates back 20 years. Gallery owner Jonathan Wood had been employed at Friesen Gallery since 2006 and transitioned from director of the gallery to owner in January 2012. While Abmeyer + Wood is a new name, the gallery continues the tradition of Friesen Gallery, carrying the same core of artists and maintaining the philosophy set forth by Nietzsche that 'life without art is a mistake'.


Christa Assad, Jeff Ballard, Randy Beckelheimer, Alexandra Becker-Black, Jeanne Brennan, Doris Chase, Ford Crull, Andie DeRoux, Matthew Dennison, Jeff Fontaine, Susan Hall, Jessica Hess, Meg Holgate, Reilly Jensen, Steve Jensen, Richard Jolley, James Kuiper, Holly Lyman, Calvin Ma, Ann Mallory, Katie Metz, William Morris, Ross Richmond, Erika Sanada, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Rob Snyder, Sebastian Spreng, Leslie Stoner, Jason Walker, Victor Hugo Zayas


Ray Mack
Abmeyer+Wood Fine Art, Seattle, Washington
Review by Matthew Kangas
Newcomer Ray Mack makes zany narrative tableaux that are hilariously warped quotations of images familiar from

Past Editorial

Ray Mack
Jeff Fontaine
Christa Assad
James Kuiper


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