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Editorial: Features

Deconstruction: The War for a Word
The philosophical importance of Jacques Derrida's deconstructivist theory has helped shape serious art for decades. That makes Steve Bannon' more...

Ellen Berman
Ellen Berman’s paintings of food and domestic objects seem as though they could come alive and provide nourishment. more...

Stacy Steers
Filmmaker Stacy Steers' "Edge of Alchemy" draws on silent film era footage and 19th century engravings and woodcuts collaged into a loose na more...

Archipenko on the West Coast
Ukranian native Alexander Archipenko rose to become one of cubist sculpture's most important talents early in what became a globe-trotting c more...

Christine Frerichs
The landscape paintings of Christine Frerichs dazzle us with their light, which is decidedly a light of place as well as time of day or nigh more...

Patti Oleon
Patti Oleon recorded public places in Europe, but edits out the masses of people so as to transform the architecture into mysterious virtual more...

Sandow Birk
Sandow Birk’s sprawling “American Qur’an” is unintentionally timely, given current efforts to impose travel bans and more...

Yvette Mayorga
The attraction of the sweet, buttery scent of frosting runs up against the cut-out, glitter-covered words “GO BACK” hung from a more...

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