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Georgina Spengler
Georgina Spengler's woodland streams and lush greenery are immersive and abstract. They are also an homage to Greek Nobel winning poet Giorgos Seferis. More...

Emily Wood
Emily Wood has long chronicled the landscape of the western U.S. Hers are luminous and reliable scenes across the mountainous divide between eastern Washington and the Pacific coast. More...

Zadok Ben-David
Zadok Ben-David’s “People I Saw But Never Met” consists of 30,000 chemically etched aluminum figures that build on the concept of integration. More...

Alex Weinstein
Stand under the sun and close your eyes to see the light on your closed lids. Dive under a wave, look up and see the sun droplets above your head. Imagine almost, but not quite dying. Do these things and you will understand the art of Alex Weinstein. More...

Gisela Colon
Mysterious and magical, Gisela Colon's color and light sculptures defy any simple explanation of how they were produced. More...

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