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Augen Gallery

817 SW Second Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

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Phone: (503) 224-8182
Fax: (503) 241-8519

Bob Kochs Owner/Director

Open by appointment.


Augen Gallery occupies an historic property in downtown Portland. Built in 1894, the gallery occupies 10,000 square feet on the ground floor and second floor of a 110 year old building in the Yamhill Historic District, three blocks from the center of the business district and two blocks from the Willamette River. Founded in 1979, the gallery has been exhibiting prints and works on paper by national and internationally known artists for the past 29 - plus years. The gallery maintains an active exhibition schedule for the regional artists it represents as well as emerging artists from all regions of the country.

A second gallery for Augen opened July 2007 at 716 NW Davis Street in the DeSoto art complex which includes three other galleries and the Museum of Contemporary Craft. This second space is an expansion of our collection of contemporary master prints and local/regional artists' works.


Mark Andres, Amy Archer, Keith Achepohl, Phil Bard, Deborah Barrett, Andrew Bohl, Ian Boyden, Sharon Bronzan, Bill Brewer, Ryan Burns, Sally Cleveland, Jesse Corning, Matthew Cosby, Allen Cox, Ron Cronin, Kinga Czerska, Arless Day, John Dempcy, David Devillier, Tallmadge Doyle, Jeri Eisenberg, David Emmite, Karen Esler, Ajay Garg, Patty Groening, Gary Groves, Jef Gunn, Maki Hajikano, Yoko Hara, Michael Hernandez De Luna, Marilyn Higginson, Mary Chomenko Hinckley, Todd Johnson, Eunice Kim, Kc Joyce, Tom Kearcher, Chris Kelly, Carolyn Krieg, Roger Kukes, Eva Lake, Jon Langford, Larsen/Collentine, Lori-Ann Latremouille, Johnny Meah, Brad Miller, Thomas Miller, Wendy Franklund Miller, James Minden, Hibiki Miyazaki, Cynthia Mosser, Royal Nebeker, David Nez, Lisa Onstad, Gerald Purdy, Kathleen Rabel, John Redman, Jim Riswold, Rita Robillard, Donna Savastio, Angela Scott, Michael Shemchuk, Naomi Shigeta, Yoshiko Shimano, Kevan Smith, Dharma Strasser Maccoll, Sarah Ellen Taylor, Jed Thomas, Terry Waldron, Morgan Walker, Mary Wells, Grace Weston, Mark Wilson, Stan Wood, Thomas Wood, Andrew Young


Henk Pander
Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Richard Speer

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Henk Pander
Sara Siestreem
Arless Day
Anne Hirondelle
Josef Albers
Eva Lake


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