Steve Murphy, “A Matter of Balance”
Working with a vocabulary of organic shapes, Steve Murphy produces a varied body of work, with surfaces always flawlessly finished. Surfaces are sensual and played against a witty, often humorous temperament. ... more
Fernando Botero
Fernando Botero's stylized figures, done in large, exaggerated forms, are among the most recognizable artworks in the world. ... more

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Diego Velázquez, Johannes Vermeer, Salvador Dali Individual works by three master painters offer ample opportunity for both appreciation and comparison.... more

Retracing the 60-Year History of OCMA A brief history reminds us that the opening of the new OCMA building is only the latest stip taken by the 60-year old in... more

“Drawing Down the Moon” “Drawing Down the Moon” is an encyclopedic exhibition that examines the universal affection for the moon as ... more

Henry Taylor
Prolific figurative painter Henry Taylor is a sophisticated naïf and a brilliant visual raconteur who chronicles pu... more

Collidoscope: de la Torre Brothers Retro-Perspective
The de la Torre brothers uniquely complex painted glass are boldly conceived to immerse us in both personal stories and ... more

Earlie Hudnall
The daily lives of people residing in Houston's African American neighborhoods forms the core of Earlie Hudnall's street... more


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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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