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Indigenous Artists Elucidate the Trump Era
Indigenous artists have, over the last two decades, been visualizing the factors that helped to make the last four years possible. ... more
What Are You Going Through?
Quoting the French philosopher and Christian mystic Simone Weil, "What are you going through?" is the product of compassion. ... more

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Final Thoughts on Donald Trump Now that President Elect Biden has been certified, nothing would satisfy many of us more than to see the current preside... more

Rachmaninoff’s Last Stand Fears of obsolescence haunt everyone — even, or especially, those in the cultural pantheon. Eeven if you’re ... more

Redressing Public Civility Richard Speer has seen the debased character of the current President coming after years of declining public discourse.... more

Quiet “Violet Protest” Art Counters Noise of Hyperpartisan Era
Ann Norton centers the voices of artists and others through a participatory art engagement called “Violet Protest.... more

Chris Revelle
Race and its dark history in America permeate Chris Ravelle's varied body of work, which effectively drives a pickaxe th... more

Japanese-American Artists Remember the Camps
Trump executive orders have assaulted the human rights of immigrants. But that is not a first, as these Japanese America... more

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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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