Daniel Nez, “Fractal Lineage”
Daniel Nez uses geometric forms in his “Fractal Lineage” exhibition to embody elements of Navajo cosmology centered around the Four Worlds. Oral traditions passed down from Navajo elders are transformed into expressive visual narratives. ... more
Henry Jackson-Spieker
Henry Jackson-Spieker's “Interstitial Volume” comprises three distinct installations. Each stands alone, while designed to be experienced ... more

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Bruton Sisters The popularity of the Bruton sisters ran from the 1920s through the War. After that they faded into obscurity. Until now... more

Another World The Transcendental Painting Group shared faith in painting’s potential to evoke heightened spiritual consciousness... more

Diego Velázquez, Johannes Vermeer, Salvador Dali Individual works by three master painters offer ample opportunity for both appreciation and comparison.... more

Alfred Conteh
Alfred Conteh paints larger-than-life portraits of people he gets to know, seeking to represent their lives free of nar... more

Ori Gersht
Metaphorically, Ori Geshi's decompositions suggest the detritus left over from the material tendency to obsolescence.... more

Edward Burtynsky, “African Studies”
Edward Burtynsky documents the effects on the natural landscape of human agricultural and industrial culture.... more


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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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