Federico Solmi's Commedia dell-arte for the 21st Century
Mixing good old fashioned painting with the latest digital technologies, Federico Solmi offers captivating political theater that confronts the grim reality of public megalomania. ... more
Maggie Crowley and Joanne Aono
In their respective exhibitions Maggie Crowley and Joanne Aono address the dignity of work and the relative invisibility of so many laborers. ... more

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Inflection Point for a Would-be Digital Nomad Richard Speer reflects on his late partner, artist Dorothy Goode, and unexpected possibilities of life after.... more

Artists of Color Offer Strong Personal Visions Jody Zellen makes note of the recent increase in exhibitions featuring Black artists in Los Angeles galleries.... more

Uncloseted: Historic Gay artists of Washington State The book in the wake of the recently closed “The Lavender Palette” uncovers a wealth of valuable new materia... more

Holly Wong
Holly Wong's "Phoenix" is composed of drawings on pieces of mylar stitched together to form "the thing with feathers."... more

Keer Tanchak & Janet Werner
In "Romantik" Keer Tanchak and Janet Werner offer a colorful feast of portraiture about women.... more

The Legacy of Selma Waldman
Ten artists respond to Selma Waldman's sobering visual commentary through their own art and statements.... more

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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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