Delfin Finley, “Coalescence”
Delfin Finley joins other artists who celebrate people of color by making sympathetic, often idealized portraits of them that debunk prejudicial stereotypes. Finley's subjects bear the weight of the past but ever cognizant of the threats of the present. ... more
Walter Hopps
Walter Hopps was the founding director of Houston’s Menil Collection, but his first love and talent was curating. ... more

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Not Such Good Work If You Can Get It Revelations about Tom Sachs' mistreatment of staff cast light on how artists' assistants experience extreme stress and d... more

Amalia Mesa-Bains: Archeology of Memory Amalia Mesa-Bains' profusely decorated multimedia installations draw on the Mexican offenda, or home altar tradition.... more

Bruton Sisters The popularity of the Bruton sisters ran from the 1920s through the War. After that they faded into obscurity. Until now... more

Ted Kincaid
Conceptual artist and photographer Ted Kincaid presents an investigation of the natural beauty of the elements: earth, s... more

Jónsi, “FLÓÐ (Flood)”
FLÓÐ (Flood), an immersive installation by Sigur Rós' Jónsi addresses climate change with neith... more

Barbara T. Smith
Barbara T. Smith entered the art world as a frustrated suburban housewife during the 1950s. She became a pioneer of perf... more


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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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