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Brian Wills, Connie Walsh, and Claudia Parducci
Recommendation by Genie Davis

Claudia Parducci, “Columns,” 2016, jute twine, heights variable up to 15’, is currently on view at Ochi

“Unstructure” features the work of three artists, Brian Wills, Connie Walsh, and Claudia Parducci in a tour de force of abstract works that include mixed media, sculptures, and painting in a successful attempt to redefine the structures of architectural constraint. The precisely laid-out exhibition is a challenging and rewarding work in itself, to be taken in before viewing individual pieces.

Parducci’s fragile columns created from yarn, these ground-to-ceiling shafts are ethereal; suspended rather than supporting, translucent and wavering, they have the presence of being alive. Walsh presents sculptures created from beeswax, yarn, and canvas. Spherical shapes are distorted under the wax and yarn, redefining outside and inside, and shaping unique little worlds. Wills also creates perceptual shifts, forcing us to comprehend and redefine what comprises a structure. Working in wood and rayon thread, his minimalist works play with visual horizons, contorting, compacting and diminishing depending on our point of view.

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