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Ana Rodriguez
Launch LA, Los Angeles, California
by Genie Davis

Ana Rodriguez, “Untitled 7 (Rainbow),” 2017, mixed media on canvas, 28 x 22”.


Blossoming in a wide range of patterns and shapes, the floral images of Ana Rodriguez take us beyond tropes of femininity and decoration. There are flowers in vases, on wallpaper, in bows, and as the toppings on cakes. It is an approach that is bold and edgy. These are vibrant images that are both dreamily nostalgic and gently subversive. The are an expansion of the artist’s childhood recollections. These memories shape a world in which we viewers are made to question our understanding of what is beautiful, what is valuable, and what is lasting. In “Untitled 7 (Rainbow)” and “Untitled 6 (Green),” the flower tops are like melting cakes; in “Untitled 1 (Fuschia),” the flowers, tied with a bow, are pristinely arranged in a vase. Thematically and visually, Rodriguez’ vision of her floral subjects evokes a garden from which the future can be harvested. 


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