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Uncommon Threads
at the American Jewish University, Platt & Borstein Galleries, West Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Diane Calder

Rosalie Friis-Ross, 'Kyoto,' paper, cord, acrylic, at American Jewish University

Continuing through July 14, 2010

Not many seven year olds today perfect their sewing skills embroidering tea towels, as Rosalie Fris-Ross did when she was a child. Today Fris-Ross fabricates works in materials as diverse as horse hair, bamboo and antique beads. Thread and needle work has changed drastically in purpose, production and the look of final products since feminist practices exploded the range of materials sanctioned for art-making. Each of the seven artists exhibiting in "Uncommon Threads" has something to add in the way of diversity of materials and range of inspiration or reference. Lois Brooks' respect for ancient biblical texts adds substance to her expression of personal sensibilities. Merrill Morrison's exquisitely designed sculptural objects, from "Well Heeled" to "Cleavage," are dramatized by her remarkable sense of color and the play of beads that add the optimum balance of surface embellishment to her work. Norman Sherfield shows his appreciation for biological forms with knotted sculptures that pull away from the ordinary by honoring his inclination towards fantasy. Cathy Breslaw deals in transparencies, while Deborah Weir is grounded in shapes, texture and earthy colors. Leah Danberg invites viewers to approach the work in the exhibition from their own individual perspective while intimating that, "Some of us are blind to our own beauty."

American Jewish University, Platt & Borstein Galleries

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