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Japanese-American Artists Remember the Camps
Trump executive orders have assaulted the human rights of immigrants. But that is not a first, as these Japanese American artists attest. ... more
Redressing Public Civility
Richard Speer has seen the debased character of the current President coming after years of declining public discourse. ... more

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The Squirrel Metaphor Squirrels invaded Bill Lasarow's garden, foraging friut meant for the Gardner, who found himself having to contemplate t... more

All Public Statuary Should be Abstract Recent controversies over the removal of public confederate statues raise the issue of the role of public art in civil s... more

A News Addict's Reflection Liz Goldner's struggle to adapt to a life without art but full of news that she felt compelled to follow.... more

Ian Schrager and the Boutique Hotel
Over the course of a nearly half-century career, Ian Schrager has become famous for creating serenely elegant bastions o... more

Paul Metivier: Silent Defiance
Paul Metivier's ceramic sculpture of silent defiance has anticipated the rising awareness of systemic racism for at leas... more

Laura Parker's Finch
Laura Parker’s photograph of an ordinary finch sits framed by a circular splash of white light and a terrifyingly ... more

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Orbital Pavilion at The Huntington Library

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