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Francesca Lohmann and Rob Rhee
Lohmann and Rhee were seen by curator Amanda Donnan to have complementary sculpture visions. She gets it right. more...

Leave Nothing Out
Phoenix' Musical Instrument Museum turned out to be anything but the musty place Margaret Hawkins imagined it would be. more...

Seeing Through a Stethoscope
Among the exhibitions cut short by the pandemic, Sarah Fransler Lavin and Stephanie Wood brought together music and sculpture in the object more...

Catherine Opie
By entitling her recent pictures under the title “Rhetorical Landscapes,” Opie consciously references our dystopian political cl more...

Knowledge Bennett
Knowledge Bennett directly quotes iconic images of postwar American art to convey various atrocities and outrages perpetrated against Africa more...

Anna Bogatin Ott
Anna Bogatin Ott’s luscious abstract paintings build a surface through repetitive markings in strong colors that culminate in an image more...

Jessica Rath
In “fruiting bodies,” Jessica Rath explores the wide-ranging effects of human activity on plants and bees in her superbly crafte more...

Carrie Ann Plank
Carrie Ann Plank’s mixed-media abstract prints integrate a wealth of scientific influences — mapping, numerical sequences, fract more...

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