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Patrick Wilson
at Marx & Zavattero, San Francisco, California
Recommendation by Cherie Louise Turner


Continuing through July 14, 2012


A celebration of tones and hues, a riot of color — this is the immediate and highly energetic impact of Los Angeles–based painter Patrick Wilson’s current solo exhibition. While the work is not a grand departure from what we’ve seen from Wilson in the past, it is evident that the artist is pushing color and form to greater degrees, and continuing to succeed. These abstract paintings are ever more built up, ever more colorful — with delightfully unexpected combinations — and ever more aesthetically complex. 


Wilson is a formalist á la Piet Mondrian or, for a more current example, Charles Arnoldi; broken down to the most simple description, Wilson layers rectangular shapes — either a solid or an outline, sometimes thick-lined, sometimes narrow — each one a single color and texture. Some are smooth and shiny, others rough, others matte. Meticulously working within these boundaries, Wilson builds vibrantly vibrating canvases. Fittingly, they have the feeling of a gorgeous and brightly sunny Southern California day, all high keyed and brilliantly alive. It's a day that you don’t ever want to end. 

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