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Exene Cervenka and Wayne White
at Western Project, Culver City, California
Recommendation by Michael Shaw / Marlena Donohue

The gallery is packed with works by Wayne White and of Exene Cervenka, and not without finds. White is reliably witty and deft in his executions of crass and/or cryptic “wordscapes” painted in acrylic onto offset lithographs of 50’s-era country landscapes. “So Long Losers!  Hey Guys I’m Back!” reads one text that circles a quaint lakeside country barn as if it were some sort of kitschy Stonehenge. “Tinted Lard” reads another, reflected in a pond with geese. Though White has mastered this stylistic formula and has been doing it for years, they’re no less fresh for wear. White’s sculptural offerings lean more into folksy territory, feel cluttered, and assume overly familiar thrift store associations. A TV tray jutting out from a framed lithograph, each surface sporting the same image of an autumnal country road, is a standout hybrid. In the spirit of Joseph Campbell, but not taking themselves nearly as seriously, the assemblages by Cervenka bring together stuff like playing cards or a photo of a statue of Venus seen from behind. To them are affixed transparent little dragonfly wings, or faded pages from books whose texts peek through evocatively to guide your interpretations towards some hinted at but non-linear theme.


Exhibition closes September 5, 2009.

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