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Miya Hannan
R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, California
Recommendation by Cathy Breslaw


Continuing through April 13, 2013


Miya Hannan’s exhibition, “Layers and Missing Links”, explores the complexities of the cycle of life and the histories and connections between human beings and nature. Its heart and soul is a room-sized installation constructed from bones, resin and tree branches that spans the main gallery space, suspended from ceiling to floor. This archeological landscape conjures up thoughts of skeletons and earth excavations alongside chain links created from concrete repetitive forms. The long, cylindrical white and golden ‘icicles’ drooping off the branches of the tree forms, lends a visual starkness that is mitigated by the spiritual feeling this landscape evokes. 


The linkages of people from past to present to future is a central idea in this work. Included among Hannan’s other works are several suspended sculptural forms - a series called “Roots”. Hannan uses treet roots, epoxy resin, concrete, wire and phone books to amplify repetitive organic and skeletal forms that are suspended from the ceiling to float in space. A triptych called “Rings” features burned pages of phone books and the concept of time - of people, past and present, visually portrayed in the form of sliced-off tree trunks framed in raw wood. The relationship between life and death, as well as body and spirit, all come into play.


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