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at Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Recommendation by Laura Macomber

If it is the role of one generation to bemoan the degeneration of the next, it is due to an understandable penchant for material-inspired nostalgia that keeps our criticisms afloat. The current exhibition "PaperWeight" seems poised to do just that, converging the work of several artists (Jeffrey Bishop, Bo Young Choi, Rachel Illingworth, Justin Lytle, Teresa Redden, Lynne Saad) who are concerned with the thing that in this ever looming-digital age seems at the tipping point of archaism: paper. Here, there is a surplus of this material that may eventually become obsolete - woven tapestries of painted playing cards; delicate geometric shapes composed of knitted paper twine, structures so fragile they seem imminently on the verge of collapse. But it is the work of Bo Young Choi and Justin Lytle that is most provocative. These two artists move beyond paper, to the sum of paper, deconstructing books in ways both beautiful and perverse so that we are forced to re-engage with the things that might one day appear antique-shop fodder to our cybernated eyes. Lytle's book-paper sculptures cascade like vertical ice floes from their cloth-and-thread bindings, calling simultaneous attention to the historical function of books themselves, the transience of their present, and the increasing uncertainty of their future.

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