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Lance Letscher
D Berman Gallery, Austin, Texas
Recommendation by Annabelle Sanders

Continuing through May 15, 2010

Lance Letscher's new body of work is an array of his trademark collage in two dimensions. However, here the artist expands his scope of expression by way of illustrating his first children's book, "The Perfect Machine." Letscher's work has long been a shattered kaleidoscope of indecipherable text and images built from butchered books and other bastions of print arranged in seemingly obsessive patterns. The style makes the leap from flat ground only after exploding on that pulp surface first. Within frame after frame, the book's narrative is vividly captured by the artist's most representational creations thus far, with shards of color and typography and hacked images streaming from the young protagonist's head - or where a head or body, occluded by the stunning graphic tumult, might be.

Seeing these mostly two-dimensional works displayed on the gallery's walls, observing the brilliantly collaged and full-sized motorcycle and toy guns drawing light to their jarring depths, one wouldn't think they were part of a sequential tale, much less one intended for children. But then, one wouldn't think that other than the luckiest child in the world - or the most discerning collector -  would be gifted with knowledge of a collection like this.

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