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Uta Barth
at 1301PE Gallery, Los Angeles
Recommendation by A. Moret

Continuing through June 26, 2010

Uta Barth's series of photographs constitute a dialogue about what we see as well as how we see. A set of 16 inkjet print photographs titled "Everyday" (1979-82/2010) are each confined to field of view blocked off with black masking tape. Although the camera remains in the same space, the objects within that space are moved, re-arranged, and manipulated so that each frame presents a different composition. Across from the series are two lone portraits of a woman in profile who is swallowed by darkness and then steps into the light. "Untitled#1" may depict the artist herself, who is altered in the same manner, as she played with the effects of shadows and light in the surrounding works. "...to walk without destination and to see only to see" is a pair of diptych panel mounted color photographs that juxtapose Barth's shadow spilling across concrete streets and crooked trees with the brilliant red, yellow, and orange leaves of fall. Barth handles each photograph with the same composition - on one side her shadow is a literal stand-in for the artist, with a bucolic tree in bloom next to it. The images reflect on personal interaction with nature in the moment and for its own sake.

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