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Bert Long
at HCG Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by Patricia Mora

Continuing through August 14, 2010

Bert Long takes Carl Jung's "Red Book" or "Liber Novus," the Latinate version of "New Book," as a point of departure for some stellar art dredged from the recesses of his own psyche. He's tapped into, tamed and framed some interesting images that sometimes work merely as acrylic on canvas - "It" is a great example - or operate as a composite of photographic image, paint and unusual presentation techniques. "It" shows us an amorphous dark shape indicative of an embedded memory or psychic event that's being - literally - funneled out for our delectation.

Meanwhile, "Creativity Imprisoned" is anything but. This is loosened fare that shows Long peering at us from behind bars. He's locked inside this strangely surreal world; however, one gets the feeling he's not fettered. Instead, he's come undone and that's a good thing. In fact, the whirring fan-like image in the lower-right corner gives us the feeling that that's just about the velocity at which Long's psyche spins. It's fast forward.

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