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Lynn Aldrich
at Armory Center for the Arts [One Colorado is an offsite location], Pasadena, California
Recommendation by G. James Daichendt

Continuing through November 7, 2010

\"Three Founts\" is a refreshing site-specific installation by Lynn Aldrich in downtown Pasadena at One Colorado. Situated in the place of a historic fountain, the location is a symbol of wholesomeness and comfort. The Salvation Army held its first meeting there in 1888 and it\'s also the site of a former water source for the community. Aldrich reframes this history with her signature language of blue and green hoses that grow out of three pots set at differing heights. The hoses and pots together resemble plants that, it that was what they were, would require water. Instead these plastic creations return this essential resource to the community. Each drop sounds like a gift as the water trickles out slowly from the individual hoses. Yet the installation provides water generously when the hoses are considered as a whole. The cascading drips and drops are refreshing amidst the heat and humidity of summer as well as representing an ever-present wellspring of sculptural form.

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