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Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor
at Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles Chinatown, California
Recommendation by Kimberly Nichols

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, "Happenstance," 2011, cardboard, wood, resin, acrylic, paint, bed sheets, blankets, bath rugs, paper, drywall screws, 66 x 48 x 60"

Continuing through December 17, 2011

From the mysteriously twisted and complex images of our dreams comes a suite of sculptures by Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor. The exhibition, titled “Dreadful Sorry Clementine,” presents the characters of our communal childhood psyche, alluded to from the lands of nursery rhymes, singsong fables and fairy tales, where the darkly macabre tends to mingle tenuously with the fantastical. Six to eight feet tall sculptures of crow-beasts, dog-men and multicolored flower-headed foxes stand forebodingly, while simultaneously begging compassion and evoking fragments from our own subconscious that are troubling yet comfortingly familiar. Higgins’ use of cardboard, bed sheets and other domestic materials furthers the viewers’ mixture of pleasure and unease at confronting these visions of a long stored away yesteryear. Her unique style of assemblage, bonded by stiffened fabrics and resin, furthermore conjures a sense of patchwork chaos and altered reality.

Published courtesy of ArtSceneCal ©2011

Charlie James Gallery

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