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Mark Mothersbaugh
at Irvine Fine Arts Center, Orange Co.
Recommendation by Jeannie R. Lee

Mark Mothersbaugh, untitled from "Postcard Diaries."

Mark Mothersbaugh is devolving. While he still plays and composes music, the keyboardist of the 80’s post-punk bank Devo has always been more of a conceptual artist than simply a musician. His latest show, “Postcard Diaries: WE MUST REPEAT,” bears witness to his prolific production; there are just a few dozen examples of the 30,000+ postcard-sized images that he has been creating daily as a visual diary for years. And although these prints and paintings have an R. Crumb-style appeal (and Murakami-style marketing know-how), Mothersbaugh impresses most with his new projects: namely, his rugs. His custom-made rugs take old and new imagery and create visually engaging and tactilely irresistible works that are produced in editions of “P.” That’s right, Mothersbaugh is still making us scratch our heads and chuckle.

Published courtesy of ArtScene

Irvine Fine Arts Center

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