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Chaco Terada
at The Crow Collection, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by Patricia Mora

Chaco Terada, ''Woman of Red Lily V,'' 2011, sumi ink and archival pigment ink on two layers of silk.


Continuing through May 5, 2012


While the calligraphic images of Chaco Terada are intriguing, her photographs on silk are so stunning that I could hardly bear to look at them for more than short stints. They’re among the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever had the pleasure to view. The works are monochromatic and exude a marvelously subtle nuance of both technique and aesthetic sensibility. “White Dream,” as the name suggests, is the stuff of oneiric wanderings. However, because they’re printed on silk and have a bit of moiré, they’re literally impossible to photograph. You need to stand in front of them to “get it.”


If your tastes run more toward traditional calligraphy, Terada delivers a series of disarmingly lovely works on that front as well. “Woman of Red Lily V” is a beautifully blurred dance, a tiny bit of pinkish wind and quick gesture that makes for a pulse-quickening experience. It’s a reminder of the old adage that it’s the “soft things that break your bones.” My gosh. This is talent in our own backyard. Terada turns the “yard” into a space of ritual, charm and ineffable beauty.

Crow Collection of Asian Art

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