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Nick Brown
at Tiny Park Gallery, Austin, Texas
Recommendation by Katy Crocker

Nick Brown, ''The Truth Has Its Following: Your Nightmare Is Their Light,'' 2009, pastel on paper, 11 1/4 x 15 1/4''.


Continuing through April 14, 2012


Amidst a rich palette of reds and stark whites, Los Angeles painter Nick Brown ignites a virile foreground of impasto and color play. Red shows off as the primary formal driver, which provokes disturbances within this assembly of paintings and drawings. Against raw canvas or paper, reds become vibrant. 


Brown sets-up environments in pastel on paper with a similar conceptual arc to the paintings, but with differing format — the red and white drawings are smaller and more direct. Extremely detailed subjects rest in an intangible, abstracted state. "The Truth Has Its Following: Your Nightmare is Their Light" resembles a swarm of bees, or a business of flies.


Compositionally paintings infer landscape or place. However, the acknowledgement of something definite is lost here too — the viewer must purport meaning into each atmospheric situation. Deductive reasoning is required, however the story goes untold.

Tiny Park Gallery

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