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Ray Carofano and Anita Bunn
South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Genie Davis

Ray Carofano, from the “Broken Dreams” series, 2017, photograph

The work of two LA-based photographers offer evocative, but very different visions. Ray Carofano’s black and white images are culled in the Mojave, thematically exploring independence and isolation, the sense of loss at the dissolution of an American dream. Infused with light, but often depicting desolate images, Carofano’s work aches with loss and the revival of hope. Carofano focuses our attention on a church with a broken steeple, or a filled-in swimming pool with an abandoned trailer. Graffiti on its wall reads “This is the Land of Broken Dreams.” Haunting and beautifully nuanced, the series documents a forgotten and forsaken landscape.


Anita Bunn’s images are rich, painterly full color compositions of the tops of trees and patches of the bright L.A. sky. Her palette and technique varies by image, some impressionistic and pastel, others carefully detailed depictions of flora against a dark or sunset sky. Beautiful and dramatic, her work here includes both photographs and lithographs, as well as sculptural pieces. The sculptures are astonishing: plants encased in a ceramic shell, ghostly and delicate

SoLA Contemporary

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