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Reena Spaulings
Matthew Marks Gallery, West Hollywood, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Reena Spaulings, "Gate 1," 2018, enamel paint on security gate, 87 x 32 x 23"

Continuing through June 30, 2018

In “The Male Gates” Reena Spaulings, a collective as well as an art gallery founded in New York in 2004, the focal point is a suite of painted security gates arranged like the monuments of Stonehenge. Security gates have become a necessity not only in airports but more recently in schools and government buildings. Reena Spaulings transforms these all too familiar forms into painted sculptures that are both welcoming and foreboding.

The collective's is interested in how new technologies and everyday materials can be used and transformed into art-making tools. For example, the large-scale painting “Seascape” was created by floor-cleaning robots who mopped the canvas with Farrow & Ball’s Estate Emulsions. Other works in the exhibition include a marble surfboard and boogie board whose materials are drawn from specific moments in history — as in the blue stone that Adolf Loos chose for the Semler House in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Matthew Marks Gallery

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