El Camino College Art Gallery is pleased to present "Personal Tales" with narrative imagery by 18 Southern California artists. Featuring Randall Bloomberg, Terry Braunstein, Angie Bray, Eileen Cowin, Stan Edmondson, Susan Hamidi, Zeal Harris, Lauren M. Kasmer, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Filip Kostic, Peter Liashkov, Lynne McDaniels, Susanna Meiers, Jim Morphesis, Nancy Mozur, Andrew Ortiz, Thea Robertshaw, Roxene Rockwell, Lizzy Waronker

The exhibition deals with autobiographical work in a variety of media ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video, to mixed media installation and performance.  Although not every work in this exhibition is immediately recognizable as representational of a particular personal circumstance, all involve  individual responses of these artists to life’s mysterious gifts and blows.  Many of the works serve as a link in the artist’s process of digesting experience – both external and internal, extraordinary and mundane.

Please join us for a reception on September 5, from 7-9 p.m. honoring the artists. During this event Lauren M. Kasmer will present a casual modeling of her new garment series, conceived after experiencing a major fire.  Additionally, Susan Hamidi, Thea Robertshaw and Lauren M. Kasmer will speak about their work on September 10 at 1 p.m.