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Thinkspace Gallery

4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

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Phone: (310) 558-3375

Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm


Established in November of 2005, Thinkspace exists as a catalyst for the ever expanding new contemporary art movement that is exploding forth from the streets and art schools the world over. We are here to help represent this new generation of artists, to provide them that home base and to aid them in building the right awareness and collector base necessary for long-term growth.


Acorn Canada, Allison Sommers United States, Andrew Hem United States, Andy Kehoe United States, Anthony Clarkson United States, Anthony Pontius  United States, ARMSROCK Denmark, Audrey Kawasaki United States, Bo130  Italy, Brandi Milne United States, Brian M. Viveros United States, Caia Koopman  United States, Camilla d`Errico Canada, Catherine Brooks United States, Cherri Wood  United States, Craig 'Skibs' Barker  United States, Damon Soule  United States, Dan-ah Kim United States, David MacDowell  United States, Dennis Hayes IV United States, Ekundayo United States, Esao Andrews  United States, Fafi  France, Fumi Nakamura  Japan, Ghostpatrol  Australia, Hannah Stouffer  United States, Imminent Disaster United States, Jesse Hotchkiss  United States, Joao Ruas  Brazil, Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriguez  United States, John Antoski  Canada, Joshua Mays  United States, Kathleen Lolley  United States, Kelly Vivanco  United States, Lesley Reppeteaux  United States, Lilly Piri  Australia, Matthew Feyld  Canada, Microbo  Italy, Mr. Jago  England, Nathan DeYoung  United States, Nicholas 'Medium' Di Genova  Canada, Paul Barnes  Scotland, Peter Taylor  Canada, Reuben Rude  United States, Sarah Joncas  Canada, Seth Armstrong  United States, Stella Im Hultberg  United States, Timothy Karpinski  United States, Tony Philippou United States, Tran Nguyen Vietnam, Turf One  Canada, Yosuke Ueno Japan, Yuka Yamaguchi Japan,


Brian Mashburn
Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, California
Preview by G. James Daichendt
Brian Mashburn’s landscape vistas that delight and awe despite their eerily disquieting subject matter.

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Brian Mashburn
Dabs Myla
Esao Andrews


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