Art Gallery

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

2525 Michigan Avenue, B-5B
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Phone: (310) 828-1133
Fax: (310) 828-4344

Lora Schlesinger Director

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5:00pm.


Contemporary art, primarily California painters and sculptors.


Richard Bruland, Laurel Bustamante, Ann Chamberlin, Cindy Craig, Rashell George, Gershom, Robert Ginder, Lawrence Gipe, Gronk, Roberto Gil de Montes, Bruce Houston,  Cindy Kane, Laura Karetzky, Adonna Khare, Laura Lasworth, Carlo Marcucci, Michael Michaud, Christopher Murphy, Ron Rizk, & Raymond Saunders. 


Lawrence Gipe
Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Preview by Suvan Geer
"Another Cold Winter" is Lawrence Gipe's latest reflection on the visual rhetoric of the past, here the immedi

Past Editorial

Lawrence Gipe
Lynn Hanson
Adonna Khare
Ron Rizk
Robert Ginder
Roberto Gil de Montes
Ron Rizk
Raymond Saunders
Michael Beck
Peter Shire
Christopher Murphy
Laura Karetzky
Lawrence Gipe


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