Art Gallery

Skidmore Contemporary Art

2525 Michigan Avenue, B-4
Santa Monica, CA 90265

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Phone: (310) 828-5070

Lia Skidmore Director

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm.


May 6, 2023 - June 10, 2023
Richard Baker
"A Sense of Calm"
New Paintings


Jennifer Bain, TR Colletta,  Scott Covert, Robert Charles Dunahay, Daryl Gortner, Bradley Hankey, Tracey Sylvester Harris, Cheryl Kelley, Lori Larusso, Dave Lefner, Ralph Massey, Anthony Mastromatteo,  Tom McKinley, Eric Nash, Kelly Reemtsen, John Schieffer, John Tierney, Glenrray Tutor, Clay Vorhes


Richard Baker
Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, California
Preview by Jeanne Willette
Scenes of 21st century California leisure are Richard Baker's recalibration of the Impressionists' vision of P

Past Editorial

Richard Baker
Dave Lefner
Eric Nash
Ann Lofquist
Robert Townsend
Scott Covert


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