Community Gallery

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art | OCCCA

117 North Sycamore
Santa Anna Artist Village
Santa Ana, CA 92701

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Phone: (714) 667-1517

Jeffrey Frisch Director

Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm; Friday & Saturday, 12-5pm


Non-profit alternative contemporary art space.


Evalynn Alu, Stephen Anderson, Richard Bohn, Annie Clavel, Kebe Fox, Bill Hayner, Jeffrey Frisch, Beverly Jacobs,  Rob Mintz, Jon Ng, Annabella Pritchard, Robin Repp, Kurt Weston, Carolyn Yarnell, Andrea Moni and Soheila Siadate, and Brennan Roach.


Jeffrey Frisch, "Extreme Moderation"
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA), Santa Ana, California
Review by Liz Goldner
Jeffrey Frisch turns art styles, genres, movements, and even painting techniques inside out and upside down. T

Past Editorial

Jeffrey Frisch, "Extreme Moderation"
The Visual Adventures of Robert Williams
Tom Lamb, Soheila Siadate
David Michael Lee and Beverly Jacobs
“Art as Protest”
George Herms
Pretty: Disturbing


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