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3015 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Corey Grayhorse Gallery Manager

Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm; Thursday, 10am-8pm; Or By Appointment

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dnj Gallery is a vintage and contemporary photography gallery located in Santa Monica. The gallery opened its doors in October 2007 with the exhibition, 'The Seventies Revisited,' which included the work of several important Los Angeles photographers including Eileen Cowin, Darryl Curran, and Jane O'Neal. Each of these artists defied the common conventions of photography through their innovative use of materials, contemporary subject matter, and experimental techniques. In the following two years, dnj has remained dedicated to presenting a select roster of emerging and mid-career artists who similarly embrace and expand the boundaries of the photographic medium.

Many dnj exhibitions have received critical acclaim in the Los Angeles Times; Favorable reviews have been published for recent exhibitions of Suzy Poling and Cynthia Greig, Joe Goode, “Contemporary Photography from China,” Jona Frank, Holly Andres, Dylan Vitone, Carlos & Jason Sanchez and Michael Eastman, and other publications including L.A. Weekly, Angeleno, Lifestyle magazine, Forth Magazine, The Toronto Sun, and ArtScene and Art Ltd. have generously covered dnj Gallery exhibitions. dnj Gallery owner, Pamela Mayers-Schoenberg, was also featured in Photograph Magazine.

Pamela Schoenberg, the owner of dnj Gallery, has been active in the art world for over 20 years. She studied under Joe Deal at Washington University in St. Louis and received her BFA in both History and Photography. She then graduated with her MFA in Studio Art/Photography from Mills College in Oakland, California, after studying with the renowned photographer, Catherine Wagner. Schoenberg pursued and exhibited her photography for more than fifteen years before opening dnj Gallery. Schoenberg has been involved with many Los Angeles institutions including Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery where she worked for the education department, as well as the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, where she assisted in organizing exhibitions, educational workshops and grant writing. She has also worked in museum education and taught workshops at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Skirball Cultural Center and The Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena.


dnj Gallery Artists: Sia Aryai, Catherine Asanov, Ellen Cantor, Ray Carofano, Darryl Curran, Corey Grayhorse, Suda House, Gil Kofman, LA Marler, Rick Risemberg, Dylan Vitone, and Melanie Walker.

Collected works available by artists: Holly Andres, Michael Eastman, Chris Verene, Bill Sosin and Elliott Wilcox.








Darryl J. Curran
dnj Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Recommendation by Andy Brumer

Past Editorial

Darryl J. Curran
Ray Carofano
Ellen Cantor
Gil Kofman
Laura Parker
Night Lights
Bernadette DiPietro and Richard Gilles
Maria Luisa Morando
Jane O'Neal


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