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Micaela Contemporary Projects

San Francisco, CA

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Micaela Van Zwoll Director

By Appointment Only.


Established in 1997, Micaëla represents fine art and sculpture.  The gallery assembles several solo and group exhibitions annually, reviewing idea-based work, visual pleasure and artistic vision, as influenced by culture, emotion, intellect, and the politics of life.

Micaëla Gallery's collection includes important contemporary glass sculpture in addition to drawings, paintings, digital work, photography and video.  Micaëla Gallery is a regular fair exhibitor beginning with SOFA Chicago 2007 for its 10th anniversary, including Art Now Fair, Miami 2007; Bridge New York 2008, SOFA Chicago 2008, Bridge Miami 2008, and SCOPE Art Show Miami 2009.


Peter Bremers, Gerald Cannon, Marie-Lou Desmeules, M.C. Escher, Peter Foucault, Douglass Freed, William Gambini, Grant Garmezy, David Gilhooly, Taliaferro Jones, Scott Kiernan, Scott Kildall, Franziska Klotz, Weston Lambert, Laurie Lipton, Marvin Lipofsky, Susan Longini, Prema Murthy, Jenna North, Eugenia Pardue, Lorraine Peltz, Stig Persson, Chantal Royant, Nicole Schmoelzer, Thomas Scoon, Carmen Spera, Tobias Tovera, Kristiina Uslar, David Yun


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