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Foster/White Gallery

220 Third Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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Phone: (206) 622-2833

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-6pm.

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Since its inception in 1968, Foster/White Gallery has become one of the premier galleries on the West Coast.  Established by Richard White and managed for 29 years by Don Foster, the Gallery has attracted worldwide attention with its varied and excellent contemporary painting, sculpture, and glass exhibitions.  In December of 2002, the Huang family of the Bau-Xi Galleries in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON purchased the gallery maintaining the name, high standard of work and the long-standing relationships with artists and clients.

Foster/White Gallery is committed to representing the best and the brightest talent from the Pacific Northwest, the United States and Canada. Tony Angell, Sarah McRae Morton, Michael Wolf and Alden Mason and are among over 45 emerging, mid-career, and established artists exhibiting at the Gallery.  


Painting: David Alexander, Sheri Bakes, Bratsa Bonifacho, Tom Burrows, Allison Collins, Jamie Evrard, Lois Graham, Shawn Huckins, Eva Isaksen, Chase Langford, Guy Laramée,  Robert Marchessault, James Martin, Alden Mason, Casey McGlynn, Sarah McRae Morton, Steven Nederveen, Andre Petterson, Mark Rediske, Janna Watson, Eric Zener

Photography: Cara Barer, Carol Inez Charney, Cody Cobb, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, David Leventi, Jeffrey Milstein, Michael Wolf

Sculpture: Tony Angell, Clare Belfrage, Evan Blackwell, John de Wit,  Guy Laramée, Cameron Ann Mason, Will Robinson, George Rodriguez, Paul Vexler


Guy Laramée, “13 Views on a Stay in Brasil and Quebrada”
Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Review by Matthew Kangas
Guy Laramée cuts, carves, paints, and otherwise modifies published and bound books into trompe-l’

Past Editorial

Guy Laramée, “13 Views on a Stay in Brasil and Quebrada”
James Martin
Shawn Huckins
Eva Isaksen
Evan Blackwell
James Martin
Casey McGlynn


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