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Linda Hodges Gallery

316 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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Phone: (206) 624-3034
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Linda Hodges Director

Tuesday - Saturday, 10:30am-5pm; & by appointment.

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Founded in 1983, Linda Hodges Gallery is located in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle. The gallery principally represents prominent West Coast and nationally established artists, with an emphasis on painting, sculpture, and photography. Linda Hodges has over 30 years of experience advising corporate and private clients in the acquisition of fine art.


John Anderson; Alfredo Arreguin; Gayle Bard; Jennifer Beedon Snow; Jack Chevalier; Sally Cleveland; Gary Faigin; Tom Fawkes; David French; Gaylen Hansen; Robert Helm; Fred Holcomb; Lee Kelly; Cynthia Krieble; Patrick LoCicero; Nancy Loughlin; Jeremy Mangan; Robert McCauley; Daphne Minkoff; Heidi Oberheide; Helen O'Toole; Lucinda Parker; Jim Phalen; Piper Snow; Kurt Solmssen; Gillian Theobald; Karen Yurkovich


Jack Chevalier, “Memorial Exhibition”
Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Review by Matthew Kangas
After first drawing critical attention for abstractions calling to mind Native America artifacts., Jack Cheval

Past Editorial

Jack Chevalier, “Memorial Exhibition”
Cable Griffith
Tim Cross
Michael T. Hensley
Lucinda Parker
Alfredo Arreguín
Gaylen Hansen
Andrea Heimer
Gaylen Hansen


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