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Hamilton Press Gallery

1317 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291

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Phone: (310) 396-8244

Edward Hamilton Owner


Hamilton Press specializes in the production of hand printed lithographs. Publications by Hamilton Press are usually limited to editions of about twenty. All of the printing is done by Ed Hamilton, Tamarind Master Printer, who has been collaborating with artists to make prints for over thirty years. Since 1990 he has been working at Hamilton Press with selected artists.


Mikel Alatza, Terry Allen, Joe Andoe, Anonymous, Eleanor Antin, Chuck Arnoldi, John Baldessari, Alfredo deBatuc, Billy Al Bengston, Mike Berg, Robert Bonaparte, Greg Colson, Jeff Colson, Robbie Conal, George Condo, Billy Copley, Bill Crutchfield, Jeremy Dickinson, Gregory Edwards, Ned Evans, Bart Exposito, Llyn Foulkes, Sam Francis, Gajin Fujita, Francesca Gabbiani, Charles Garabedian, Victor Gastelum, Joe Goode, Robert Graham, Scott Grieger, Ron Griffin, GRONK, Raul Guerrero, Shane Guffogg, Carol Hayes, Edward Henderson, Roger Herman, George Herms, Charles Christopher Hill, Dennis Hopper, Salomon Huerta, Kathy Jacobi, Kitaj, Tom Knechtel, Mark Licari, Peter Lodato, Liza Lou, Monica Majoli, John McCracken, Paul McCarthy, Jerry McMillan, Michael C. McMillen, Will Mentor, Tina Mion, Ed Moses, Lee Mullican, Margaret Nielsen, John Outterbridge, Laura Owens, Marc Pally, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Bruce Richards, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Eddie Ruscha, Kenny Scharf, David Serrano, Alexis Smith, Steven Steinman, Todd Squires, Don Suggs, Sandy Sussman, Samantha Thomas, Ann Thornycroft, Dani Tull, Patssi Valdez, William Wegman, Emerson Woelffer, Beatrice Wood, Mary Woronov


Venice, CA
Dec 2009
Report by Molly Enholm

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Venice, CA


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