Art Gallery

Judson Gallery of Contemporary and Traditional Art

200 South Avenue 66
Los Angeles, CA 90042

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Phone: (323) 255-0131
Fax: (323) 255-8529

Ron Steen Curator

Monday - Friday, 10am-3pm.


Judson Studios was originally the School of Fine Art and Architecture of the University of Southern California. William Lees Judson was the founder and first Dean of the School. The spacious, high ceiling, northern-lit studio was originally used for large life drawing and painting classes.

This drawing and painting studio has been renovated and currently functions as The Judson Gallery of Contemporary and Traditional Art. The gallery presents individual and group exhibition, as well as related and unrelated art education programs, about two or three a year. The philosophy of the gallery is to support and present exhibitions of well crafted contemporary art and traditional art of historical significance.

The curator of exhibitions and director of art education programming, Prof. Ronald E. Steen, is an art historian and art educator having experience in traditional as well as contemporary southern Californian art and is interested in innovative teaching techniques.


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