Art Gallery

Blackfish Gallery

420 NW Ninth Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

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Phone: (503) 224-2634

Damara Bartlett Director

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm


Established in 1979, Blackfish Gallery is owned and operated by artists who represent a rich cross-section of the Oregon art community. One of our artists is always present during business hours, giving gallery guests a rare opportunity to discuss our current offerings with the individuals who create them. Visitors new to the city will find the gallery conveniently situated in Portland’s Pearl District, now the cultural, culinary and retail heart of one of the world's greenest cities.


Lynda Ater, Carol Benson, Barbara Black, Clint Brown, Tori Bryer, Yoonhee Choi, Greg Conyne, Jana Demartini, Robert Dozono, Merridawn Duckler, Sarah Fagan, Ellen Goldschmidt, Kanetaka Ikeda, Michael Knutson, Oriana Lewton-Leopold, Paul Missal, Roya Motamedi, Rory ONeal, Angela Passalacqua, Theresa Redinger, Sandra Roumagoux, David Selleck, Christopher Shotola-Hardt, Charles Siegfried, Stephan Soihl, Mandy Stigant, Steve Tilden, Sue Tower, Judith Wyss


MaryAnn Puls and Yoonhee Choi
Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Richard Speer

Past Editorial

MaryAnn Puls and Yoonhee Choi
Michael Knutson


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