Art Gallery

Brewery Artwalk

2100 North Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Email: Email venue
Phone: (323) 638-9382

Saturday - Sunday, 11am-6pm.


The Brewery, the world’s largest Art Colony, is located in Downtown Los Angeles! The Brewery Arts Colony is an Artist Studio/live-work complex converted from the industrial buildings of a former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery, and bottling plant. It is now home to over 300 artists and arts-related businesses.  The twice annual open studio weekend takes place in the Spring and Fall, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.


Alyssa Ravenwood Masks, Mark Andersen, Magda Audifred, Being you, Angogh Bell, Susan Berkowitz, Better Betty, Vanessa Bonet, Bookfinger, Bill Leigh Brewer, Ada Pullini Brown, Marylene Camacho, Chaka Coco, Ryan Cho, Church of Art, Claudia Endler Designs, Catherine Cummings, Desipah, Dreamluxe Silks, Elephant Heart Jewelry, Ann Erpino, F T M, Suzanne Federico, Roni Feldman, Kevin Flint, Nicole Fournier, Galaxy Ballroom West, Gallery 618E, Bruce Gray, Vaughn Hannon, James Hill, Hipcooks, Iva Hladis, Leo Hobaica Jr, Kate Hoffman, Nicole Horton, Brenda Hurst, CJ Kang, Komy, Yu-Chih Lai, Michelle Jane Lee, Dave Lefner, Level Naturals, Lubna Lipton, Live Your Dream Designs, Lumi Co, Mai, Majestic Imaging, Josue' Maldonado, David Mckenney, Ted Meyer, Scott Miller, MLA Gallery, Jake Ogle, Nicole Ohayon, Ryan Patterson, Jim Payne, Peddler of Dreams, Peluce, Jennifer Perlmutter, Cielo Pessione, philip LLC, Roland Reiss, Richard Seltzer Designs, Jessica Robinson, Rick Robinson, Victoria Sebanz,, Rob Silverman, Sean Sobczak, Anna Stump, Theodore Svenningsen, Jean Towgood, Translight Photography Center, Virginia Val, Adam Wagner, Lisa Worksman, John Zarcone


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