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Butters Gallery

157 NE Grand Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

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Phone: 503-248-9378

Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm.


Founded in 1988, Butters Gallery, Ltd. has become an important contemporary art source for both private and corporate collectors nationwide. Our family owned and operated gallery focuses on artists from throughout the United States and abroad including several prominent regional artists. We look in all directions to find artists whose work is innovative with regard to content and media. Included are paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculpture consisting of a range of media from paint to glass to ceramic to metal.


Brenda Barnum, Mariella Bisson, Sonja Blomdahl, Gabe Brown, Larry Brown, Jeffrey Butters, Alessandro Casson, Charles Cohan, Margaret Evangeline, Ming Fay, Gilles Foisy, David Geiser, John Geldersma, Deborah Gilles, Dorothy Goode, Susan Hall, Bernd Haussmann,  Monroe Hodder, Fred Holcomb, Frank Hyder, Sonia Kasparian, Ted Katz, Michael Kessler, Terence La Noue, Katherine Levin-Lau, Benjamin Long, Brenda Mallory, Juri Morioka, Christin Nelson, Peter Opheim, Silvia Poloto, Stephen Porter, Mylan Rakich, Julie Rall, Andrea Schwartz-Feit, Douglas Shafer, Stephanie Shank, Rick Stare, Melinda Stickney-Gibson, Marlana Stoddard-Hayes, Kirsten Stolle, Jock Sturges, Debra VanTuinen, Elise Wagner, Stephanie Weber, Rebecca Welz, Betsy Wolfston, Jiro Yonezawa


David Geiser
Butters Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Richard Speer

Past Editorial

David Geiser
Elise Wagner
Monroe Hodder
Marlana Stoddard Hayes
“27th Anniversary Group Exhibition”
David Geiser
Elise Wagner
Melinda Stickney-Gibson
Elise Wagner
Michael Kessler
Elise Wagner
Silvia Poloto
Dorothy Goode
Ted Katz


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