Art Gallery

Bert Green Fine Art

8 South Michigan Avene
Suite 620
Chicago, IL 60603

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Phone: (312) 434-7544

Bert Green Gallery Director

Friday-Saturday, 12-5pm, Monday-Saturday by appointment.


Bert Green Fine Art represents and exhibits emerging and mid-career artists. We also work with specialty print houses to produce unusual and rare limited edition lithographs, letterpress, and photographic prints.


Artists Exhibited:

Man Bartlett
Helen Maurene Cooper
Jessica Curtaz
Jeff Gillette
James Greco
Shane Guffogg
Laurie Hassold
Viva Hoffmann
Scott Horsley
Grey James
Stephen Kaltenbach
Raeleen Kao
Linda LaBella
Eleftheria Lialios
Erik L Peterson
Oli Rodriguez
Matthew Schlagbaum
Morgan Sims
Rebecca Gray Smith
Doug Stapleton
Barron Storey
Rafael E Vera
Sandra Yagi
Man Bartlett, Helen Maurene Cooper, Jessica Curtaz, Jeff Gillette, James Greco, Shane Guffogg,Laurie Hassold, Viva Hoffmann, Scott Horsley, Grey James, Stephen Kaltenbach, Raeleen Kao, Linda LaBella Eleftheria Lialios, Erik L Peterson, Oli Rodriguez, Matthew Schlagbaum Morgan Sims, Rebecca Gray Smith, Doug Stapleton, Barron Storey, Rafael E Vera, Sandra Yagi



Raeleen Kao
Bert Green Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Recommendation by Robin Dluzen

Past Editorial

Raeleen Kao
Miguel Osuna


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